Gifts for new neighbors

Just one day prior to Christmas, three kids moved into the house next to us (their parents arrived one week earlier). In Germany, we have the habit to gift bread and salt for welcome gifts (it stands for the wish that the residents should always have enough to eat and enough money to live their lifes), but since it was Christmas time and the kids most likely would not be too much interested in this tradition I wanted to gift the kids something more personal for the new house. Running out of time, I bought towels with three different color blocks and stitched the Sailboat 2 - Alpha for the new born boy called Jasper, Dalmatian-Alpha for 5 year old Emily and Cottontail-Alpha for 2 1/2 year old Mathilda. Our 3 year old daughter was very jealous and wants to get at least one of those towels, too, so I hope the neighbor kids will like their gifts, too :-)

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