loved making this unicorn - got to make the girl now!!!

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  • Beautiful!!!  Did you use the pony design to make this? Unicorn isn't coming up in the search engine.


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  • the pony comes with a horn,  to make the unicorn... you will love it...


    I used for the hair the stuff you use for the tie blankets... when you stretch it, it curls... but you can use yarn too... have  fun

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  • wow what is that called? The stuff you stretch?  Your unicorn is so pretty :) Love love love it!

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  • Planet Applique 

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  • Looks like fleece cut into strips.  It is so cute!!

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  • yes it was... couldn't think of the name before....thanks.... it was fun to do... and my daughter loves it...

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  • Donna Jean Kitner 

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  • oh, so cute...I am just beginning this project...what size did you make?? 6x10??? Also, did you use felt for the body??? Love your idea for the mane!! lynn

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